Light Scattering as a Tool in the Characterization of Polymer Materials

  • J. J. van Aartsen


The present contribution deals with light scattering as one of the techniques available to obtain information about the super-molecular order in polymeric materials. Existing theories are briefly reviewed, and it is shown that all theories have certain drawbacks. It is further shown that certain general assumptions enable a general theory to be derived. This newly derived theory is used to demonstrate
  1. a)

    the kind of information one may expect to obtain from light scattering experiments

  2. b)

    which experiments should be done in order to be able to evaluate the maximum number of structural parameters

  3. c)

    the relation between the light scattering parameters and the supermolecular structure

The present theory is also compared with model calculations on a general model of a random collection of rods of finite length and radius.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • J. J. van Aartsen
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  1. 1.AKZO Research LaboratoriesArnhemThe Netherlands

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