Phase Conjugation: Techniques and Applications

  • Concetto R. Giuliano
  • David A. Rockwell
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One of the most interesting research areas accessed with intense laser sources is that of nonlinear optics. Shortly after the first lasers became available, a variety of nonlinear phenomena were found to arise in optical media. Many of these phenomena, such as second harmonic generation and stimulated Raman scattering, have been widely exploited to produce intense coherent optical beams at wavelengths far removed from those of existing sources, thereby opening up new methods of research into the physics of optical materials, as well as providing laser sources for a variety of new applications. These nonlinear wavelength conversion techniques are reviewed elsewhere in this volume. The present article reviews nonlinear optical phase conjugation, a phenomenon that is receiving intense interest not because of the production of new wavelengths, but because it offers realistic solutions to several difficult problem areas arising in a variety of applications. This article is not intended to review the entire field of nonlinear optical phase conjugation, since several comprehensive, current reviews are already available. 1,2 Instead, we intend to discuss the basic physical concepts of phase conjugate devices, and summarize recent results in a variety of important applications areas.


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