Model for Prokaryotic Calcification

  • Barbara D. Boyan
  • Larry D. Swain
  • Ruben Gomez


De novo hydroxyapatite deposition in biologic systems occurs on specialized membrane surfaces (Anderson, 1969, 1984). The process involves the interaction of calcium and inorganic phosphate ions with acidic phospholipids to form phospholipid-calcium-phosphate complexes (CPLX) that have a characteristic stoichiometry: one mole Ca2+ per mole total PO4 3− (Pi) of which 90% is organic (Boskey, 1981). CPLX is enriched at sites where mineralization is initiated and is absent from non-mineralized tissues. Studies utilizing a microbial model of calcification indicate that in vitro CPLX formation is proteolipid-dependent (Boyan-Salyers & Boskey, 1980). CPLX forms preferentially on proteolipid-associated phospholipids; phospholipids isolated from the bacteria which are not associated with proteolipid bind Ca2+ but do not support CPLX or hydroxyapatite formation. Proteolipid-induced hydroxyapatite always includes CPLX formation, whether the process occurs in vivo or when allogeneic proteolipids are implanted in diffusion chambers in mesenchyme in vitro (Raggio et al.,1986). Further evidence that they exist as an entity in situ is that CPLX can be isolated along with proteolipid from mineralizing bacteria (Boyan & Boskey, 1984) and vertebrate calcified tissues (Boyan, 1985).


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  • Larry D. Swain
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  • Ruben Gomez
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