Patterns of Oligodendrocyte Function Seen by Immunocytochemistry

  • Nancy H. Sternberger
Part of the Advances in Neurochemistry book series (ANCH, volume 5)


The classification of cells into types and the functions assigned to each cell type have, in the past, been dependent primarily upon morphological criteria. The functions usually associated with oligodendrocytes are: (1) myelin formation by interfascicular oligodendrocytes and (2) nutrition of neurons by satellite oligodendrocytes in the gray matter, the satellite cells being presumed not to participate in myelination (for a review, see Raine, 1981). More recently, immuncytochemistry has become a useful tool for confirming and extending (or contradicting) conclusions based on morphological observations. In addition, immunocytochemical studies have led to the discovery of new functions associated with oligodendrocytes and have shown that oligodendrocytes can no longer be considered as being solely myelin-producing cells.


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