Protein Metabolism of Oligodendroglial Cells In Vivo

  • Joyce A. Benjamins
Part of the Advances in Neurochemistry book series (ANCH, volume 5)


The oligodendroglial cell and its associated myelin membranes have provided a unique opportunity to assess the in vivo protein metabolism of a given cell type in situ among a mixture of cell types. This is because the oligodendroglial cell synthesizes in large amounts several proteins that are virtually specific for oligodendroglia and myelin. Few attempts have been made to measure the overall rate of protein synthesis in oligodendroglia compared to other cell types or to examine individual proteins in the oligodendroglial cell body. Thus, this chapter will emphasize what is known about the metabolism of the oligodendroglial proteins in which myelin is enriched. We can trace our ability to examine these proteins to the development of methods for isolation of myelin and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) gel electrophoresis. These methods, coupled with isotope tracer methods, have enabled us to learn a great deal about the metabolism of those oligodendroglial proteins that are deposited in myelin.


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