Case III: Slanting Fetch

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The geometry of the slanting fetch test case is shown in Fig. 8.1. An initially (t = 0) calm ocean of dimension approximately 1000 km × 1000 km was subjected to a 20-m/s uniform wind directed diagonally (45°) across it. The x and y axis directions are defined as 90° and 0°, respectively (angles are measured clockwise from “north”). The wave field was zero on the upwind boundaries x = 0 and y = 0; the downwind boundaries at x =1000 km and y =1000 km were open. Model simulations of the space/time behavior of the resulting wave field were recorded at selected locations noted as A—F in Fig. 8.1. In addition, certain integral properties of the wave field were presented over the entire domain. Here we concentrate only on the steady-state behavior of the models, as it illustrates the most interesting results of the test.


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