The BT-Algorithm for Minimizing a Nonsmooth Functional Subject to Linear Constraints

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We study the minimization of a function f : ℝ n → ℝ subject to linear constraints
$$\min \,f(x)\,subject\,to\,Ax \leqslant a,$$
where, in contrast to the standard situation, we do not require f to have continuous derivatives (so-called nonsmooth f). More precisely, we are content if the gradient of f exists almost everywhere and if, at each x where the gradient is not defined, the subdifferenttal
$$\partial f(x)\,:\, = \,conv\,\{ g \in \,\mathbb{R}\,:\,g\,\lim \,\nabla f({x_i}),\,{x_i}\, \to \,x,\,\nabla f({x_i})\,exists,\,\nabla f({x_i})\,converges\} $$
is a nonempty set. This is true e.g. for locally Lipschitz f and thus in particular for convex f. To simplify the presentation we restrict our development to the case of a convex f since it is in this framework that things are most easy to explain; further we skip the linear constraints in (1.1). The general case (1.1) with weakly semi-smooth f (see [16]) is presently under consideration and seems to require only technical changes.


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