Office Acoustics

  • David A. Harris


Dramatic changes in the office work force in recent years due to takeovers, downsizing, and technological innovation have caused a startling redefinition of user needs. As a result, the flexibility required of the office environment has been strained to the limit. No environmental element has been spared this reevaluation, including acoustics. Adding to the complex and demanding environment, designers are now mixing closed and open office designs. Providing optimum speech privacy requires an interdisciplinary effort and a holistic approach, emphasizing the need to integrate acoustical design with lighting, HVAC, fire safety, and power and signal distribution for a safe, efficient and cost-effective office environment. Heralded as the wave of the future over 10 years ago, a design methodology utilizing a systems concept is imperative in today’s demand for optimum speech privacy.


Fire Safety Sound Attenuation Gypsum Board Sound Spectrum Speech Privacy 
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