Systems for Noise Control

  • David A. Harris


Systems for noise and vibration control are finished products or components generally designed for specific purposes. These can be special custom-made items or off-the-shelf stock. Catalog listings are generally laboratory or field tested performance ratings. Most of these products combine sound absorption, sound barrier, vibration damping and isolation into a single item. The degree to which each is incorporated depends on the use for which a specific product is intended. Products are classified into one of four groupings, based on the principal function for which the product is designated. These four groupings are:
  • Sound Absorptive Systems

  • Sound Barrier Systems

  • Silencers

  • Vibration/Shock Control Systems

Sound absorptive Systems are designed primarily for absorbing sound that is incident upon their facing surfaces. Such systems may or may not be good sound barriers. For example, ceilings are generally designed for sound absorption but sometimes it is desirable to have a ceiling be a barrier as well and so some ceiling systems have been designed to do both.


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