Biotechnology: Biology or Technology?

Keynote Lecture
  • Arthur Kornberg


We are privileged to open this conference by one of our most distinguished contributors to science and a spokesman for science, Dr. Arthur Kornberg. Following a brilliant career in Biotechnology at NIH and Washington University in St. Louis, he undertook a study of the mechanism of DNA replication which attracted international attention and led to his Nobel Prize. Moving to Stanford University, he established one of the most outstanding Departments in Molecular Biochemistry. Their graduates and Post Doctoral Fellows are found worldwide in major research universities. After retiring as chair, Dr. Kornberg continued to provide leadership to the scientific community, guidance to government and interpretations about science to the public. A strong supporter of the need for basic research, his vision on how this is accomplished and how this is translated to solve practical problems has been widely received. Recognizing this, and the interdisciplinary nature of Marine Biotechnology, it was Nino Salvatore’s wish to have Prof. Kornberg open IMBCC’97 with a keynote address “Biotechnology: Biology or Technology?”


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