Segregated processing streams in primary visual cortex

  • Bevil R. Conway


But no physiologist who calmly considers the question ... can long resist the conviction that different parts of the cerebrum subserve different kinds of mental action. Localization of function is the law of all organization whatever: separateness of duty is universally accompanied with separateness of structure: and it would be marvelous were an exception to exist in the cerebral hemispheres. Let it be granted that the cerebral hemispheres are the seat of higher psychical activities; let it be granted that among these higher psychical activities there are distinctions of kind ... more or less distinct parts of the cerebral hemispheres ... It is proved experimentally, that every bundle of nerve fibers and every ganglion, has a special duty; and that each part of every bundle of nerve fibers and every such ganglion, has a duty still more special. Can it be, then, that in the great hemispherical ganglia alone, this specialization of duty does not hold?


Receptive Field Retinal Ganglion Cell Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Primary Visual Cortex Motion Perception 
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