Looking for the word “schedule” in Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary we find the following description:
  • schedule (noun)

  1. 1
    1. a:

      obs.: a written document

    2. b:

      a statement of supplementary details appended to legal or legislative document

  2. 2:

    written or printed list, catalog; or inventory; also TIMETABLE 1

  3. 3:

    PROGRAM; esp.: a procedural plan that indicates the time and sequence of each operation

  4. 4:

    a body of items to be dealt with: AGENDA

  • schedule (verb)

  1. 1
    1. a:

      to place in a schedule

    2. b:

      to make a schedule of

  2. 2:

    to appoint, assign, or designate for a fixed time



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