Depolarization of Spin Polarized Plasmas by Collective Modes

  • F. Pegoraro
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 33)


A magnetically confined, fusing plasma with coherently polarized spin nuclei can be subject to instabilities due to the anisotropy in velocity space of the distribution function of the charged products of the fusion reactions. This anisotropy results from the polarization of the fusing nuclei. The characteristics of these instabilities depend strongly on the spatial inhomogeneity of the plasma.

In this presentation a D-T plasma with parallel polarized spins is explicitly considered and it is shown that a significant rate of triton spin depolarization can be produced, if adequate amplitudes of the fluctuating magnetic fields are achieved. The extension of these considerations to a D-3He spin polarized plasma is also outlined.


Magnetic Fluctuation Depolarization Rate Intermediate Frequency Range Spin Precession Frequency Equilibrium Magnetic Field 
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