Peripheral Morphology

  • Victor J. Wilson
  • Geoffrey Melvill Jones


This chapter gives a concise overview of salient macro- and microscopic anatomical features of the vestibular end organs and their peripheral innervation, relying heavily on illustrative material to emphasize functionally relevant structural aspects of the system. The physiological response of end-organ structures will be treated in the next two chapters. For those seeking greater anatomical detail of the peripheral end organs and their innervation, there are many excellent reviews available in the literature (Wersäll, 1956; Engström and Wersäll, 1958; Wersäll et al., 1965, 1967; Spoendlin, 1966; Iurato, 1967; Gacek, 1969; Lim, 1969; Lindeman, 1970; Flock, 1971; Lowenstein, 1974; Wersäll and Bagger-Sjöbäck, 1974; Smith and Tanaka, 1975).


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