Recurrent jaundice during pregnancy

  • Urs Peter Haemmerli


Clear definitions of the different diseases disguised under the term “recurrent jaundice during pregnancy” are hampered by the similarity of the clinical course between many of these disorders, which are nearly all benign as evidenced by their recurrence during successive pregnancies. Puyo wrote in his thesis in 1953: “Les travaux publiés, malgré le nombre de cas rapportés et le nombre de données (clinique, biologique et histologique) souvent réuni, sont mal utilisable quand on désire se faire une idée des particularités de ces ictères.” Furthermore, the majority of case reports are but sparsely documented with laboratory data and rarely verified by liver biopsies.


Liver Biopsy Viral Hepatitis Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Serum Bilirubin Intrahepatic Cholestasis 
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