Jaundice during pregnancy

  • Urs Peter Haemmerli


Jaundice during pregnancy is rare. Table 2 is an attempt to summarize all reports in the literature from which incidence can be calculated. The overall figure is 557 cases of jaundice in 822,842 pregnancies, an incidence of 0.067 % or 7 cases per 10,000 pregnancies, or 1 case per 1,500 pregnancies. The total series has been subdivided in 2 parts: 10 reports which give “hepatitis” as only diagnosis, and 11 reports which list different etiologies including every case of jaundice during pregnancy. As can be seen, incidence of jaundice is slightly higher in the series which list “hepatitis” only. This does not make much sense.


Viral Hepatitis Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Intrahepatic Cholestasis Hyperemesis Gravidarum Megaloblastic Anemia 
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