Monte Carlo Simulation in Analytical Electron Microscopy

  • David F. Kyser


Spatial resolution in Analytical Electron Microscopy (AEM) is ultimately limited by electron scattering within the foil target. The degree of electron scattering is determined by experimental variables such as incident beam voltage, foil thickness, foil density, and tilt angle of the foil with respect to the incident electron beam. In order to predict the optimum experimental conditions to achieve a desired resolution, we must have a reliable theoretical model for calculating the effects of these experimental parameters on spatial resolution. One model, based on a single scattering event at the middle of the foil, has been proposed by GOLDSTEIN et al. (1977) and some typical results are given in Chapter 3 of this book. Another model, based on Monte Carlo simulation of electron scattering throughout the foil, has been proposed by KYSER and GEISS (1977). Additional results obtained with a sophisticated Monte Carlo model have been given by GEISS and KYSER (1979) and NEWBURY and MYKLEBUST (1979). Finally, FAULKNER et al. (1977) and FAULKNER and NORRGARD (1978) have used a simplified Monte Carlo model to estimate electron scattering and spatial resolution on AEM.


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