Weak-Beam Microscopy

  • John B. Vander Sande


Transmission electron microscopy of thin, crystalline samples has been profitably performed for the past two decades. A significant fraction of the transmission electron microscopy performed has focused on the observation of strain-related defects, such as point defect clusters, dislocations, etc. associated with the microstructure of the crystalline thin sample. Even though these strain-related defects are often considered with reference to an angstrom-unit-sized displacement, for instance a Burgers vector in the case of a dislocation, the transmission electron microscope image of such a defect, observed in bright-field or strong-beam dark-field microscope, can be hundreds of angstroms in size. It is well known that a dislocation has a bright-field image whose peak width at half minimum is between ξg/3 and ξg/5 where ξg is the extinc-tion distance, often many hundreds of angstroms in size (HIRSCH et al., 1965).


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