Analysis of the Electronic Structure of Solids

  • John Silcox


In this chapter, we will be concerned with some of the fine detail of energy loss spectroscopy and the means in which it can can be exploited to provide valuable and detailed information on electronic structure. In many respects this work complements and has similarities to electronic information available through the use of photoelectron spectroscopy, inelastic x-ray scattering, optical reflectivity and Auger spectroscopy. Combined with the small probe capability of modern electron microscopy, this becomes a valuable probe of materials. In addition, there are unique features which make energy loss spectroscopy valuable. In the following pages, we will indicate how and where these features are apparent. Our endeavor is also to provide a road map giving directions to various features in the spectrum and to give an appreciation of the underlying physics so that the terrain in general can be appreciated. Finally, we hope also to identify snags that might give rise to roadblocks and outline possible routes circumventing these snags so that an evaluation of the effort necessary might be made.


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