Ternary Graphite Intercalation Compounds

  • S. A. Solin
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 148)


Ternary graphite intercalation compounds (T GIC’s) are materials which contain two distinct intercalant species in the host galleries. The two species may be donor ions such as potassium and rubidium [1], acceptor molecules such as ferric chloride and aluminum chloride [2], or combinations of donor and acceptor species [3]. They may also be microscopically distinct chemical and/or structural phases of the same species [4]. Although T GIC’s were first synthesized several decades ago [5], interest in them on the part of physicists, chemists, and physical chemists has only recently been aroused. This awakening is a result of the general realization that T GIC’s offer exciting new opportunities for the exploration of physical phenomena in lower dimensions and for practical applications as well.


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