From Microelectronic Technology to Information Technology

  • Anil Ahuja


Although the term “intelligent building” seems to attribute a human characteristic to an inanimate object, the term’s actual meaning, at least as defined by the Intelligent Buildings Institute, is “a building which provides a productive and cost-effective environment through optimization of its four basic elements—envelope, systems, services and management—and the interrelationships between them... Optimal building intelligence is the synchronizing of solutions to occupant and business need.” In the framework of such a definition, the intelligence of a building resides essentially in its systems design. An intelligent building is, therefore, not necessarily packed with electronic systems, nor even one with an extensive Building Automation System, unless it is necessitated by the building program and can demonstrate its cost-effectiveness. Rather, it is a building designed with thought toward integration and perhaps some inspiration, both of which are necessary to satisfy immediate and predictable need, and yet also to anticipate the occupants’ future requirements. Since modern building usage is computer oriented and rarely static, it can now be said that “It is possible to turn off the computer but, it is not possible to turn off the computer environment.” Refer back to Figures 15.3, 15.4, and 15.5 to visualize how computers are all around us. Figure 16.1 shows how intelligence shifts in a mechanical workhorse just as in humans, and how a motor junction box carries not only wire terminals but also “brains” to control motor speed.


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