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Composition and Properties

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Ice cream is composed of a mixture of food materials such as milk products, sweetening materials, stabilizers, flavors, or egg products, which are referred to as ingredients. The wide variety of ingredients that may be used to produce different kinds of ice cream is apparent from the classifications discussed in Chapter 3. Furthermore, any one kind of ice cream may be made by combining the ingredients in any of several different proportions. However, the effect of these ingredients upon the finished product is due to the constituents of the ingredients. An ice cream mix is the unfrozen blend of the ice cream ingredients and consists of all the ingredients of ice cream with the exception of air and flavoring materials. The composition of ice cream is usually expressed as a percentage of its constituents, e.g., percentage of milkfat, MSNF, sugar, egg yolk solids, stabilizer, and total solids.


Total Solid Freezing Point Sodium Caseinate Milk Solid Freeze Dessert 
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