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In recent years the merchandising of ice cream has become highly competitive, and profit margins have been greatly reduced. Marketing methods have also changed extensively. Ice cream manufacturers have been required to adapt to these changes to be assured of dependable markets for their products. The supermarket has become a dominant factor in ice cream distribution to the consumer along with an increase in volume of 1/2-gal packages and other prepackaged items. Less bulk ice cream is being sold in drug stores and more through special confectionery stores and institutional outlets. There are several types of markets available to the ice cream manufacturer: (1) wholesale to drug stores, specialty confectionery stores, dairy stores, supermarkets, and food service establishments; (2) retail directly to customers through the manufacturer’s special ice cream stores, dairy bars, or ice cream parlors; (3) wholesale to other manufacturers by developing a specialized operation for novelties, special formulations, or packaging.


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