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Frozen Confections, Novelties, Fancy Molded Ice Creams, and Specials

  • W. S. Arbuckle


Very early in the history of the ice cream industry, small manufacturers with imagination often emphasized the possibilities and profits to be gained in making unusual ice cream products, including quiescently frozen stick and novelty items, special flavor combination packages, cup items, and other specials and fancy molded items.1 However, the larger manufacturers, in many instances, seem to have been a little slow in promoting this class of ice cream, due largely perhaps to the high cost of the skilled labor involved. However, recent advances in equipment for making, filling, and decorating indicate possibilities of mass production at lower costs, and plants have been established that devote the entire production to this type of products. Other plants maintain the regular production and, in addition, manufacture novelties and special products for plants that do not have sufficient volume in novelty or special products to justify investment in equipment necessary for these special products.


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