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The Freezing Process

  • W. S. Arbuckle


Freezing the mix is one of the most important operations in making ice cream, for upon it depend the quality, palatability, and yield of the finished product. The freezing process may, for convenience, be divided into two parts: (1) The mix, with the proper amount of color and flavoring materials generally added at the freezer, is quickly frozen while being agitated to incorporate air in such a way as to produce and control formation of the small ice crystals that are necessary to give smoothness in body and texture, palability, and satisfactory overrun in the finished ice cream. (2) When ice cream is partially frozen to the proper consistency, it is drawn from the freezer into packages and quickly transferred to cold storage rooms, where the freezing and hardening process is completed without agitation. Changes that take place in the hardening room are discussed in Chapter 13.


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