Epilogue: Aftermaths

  • Jeremy Bernstein


Almost as soon as the Germans returned home, the debate began as to the nature and intent of their wartime activities. It still goes on. This Epilogue deals with this. First we present some excerpts from Bagge’s diaries. In addition to giving a window to their Farm Hall experience the diaries describe the first days after their return to Germany. Not long afterwards, Heisenberg and Goudsmit began a bitter debate over Heisenberg’s role during the war. That is also one of the aftermaths. Finally, there are von Laue’s own recollections. As we have often noted, he was the only one of these Germans whose moral courage one can truly admire. His recollections of Farm Hall as expressed in his letters to Paul Rosbaud, the equally courageous anti-Nazi who had remained in Germany and acted as a spy for the Allies, give a clear view of genesis the line adopted by the German nuclear scientists after the war. We begin with Bagge.


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