Optical Considerations at Ultraviolet Wavelengths in Confocal Microscopy

  • A. Christyne Bliton
  • James D. Lechleiter


This chapter addresses the use of ultraviolet (UV) light in confocal microscopy. We discuss both realized and potential advantages of UV-visible confocal imaging, as well as the special optical problems caused by the extension of the microscope’s wavelength range beyond the visible spectrum. Although this technology is new, a number of papers have appeared describing the use of both beam-scanning UV-confocal microscopes (Bliton et al., 1993; Fricker and White, 1992; Read et al., 1992; Lechleiter and Clapham, 1992; Kuba et al., 1991; Montag et al., 1991; Schubert, 1991; Ulfhake et al., 1991) and stage-scanning UV-confocal microscopes (Himpens et al., 1992).


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  • James D. Lechleiter
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