The Solution Conformation of Gangliosides Inferred from HSEA Calculations and High Field NMR Spectroscopy

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Our understanding of the significance of carbohydrates in biological systems has increased during the last twenty years (Sharon, 1975; Sharon and Lis, 1981). Analytical techniques have improved tremendously during that period and Lindberg (1981) has reviewed how structural analysis of complex oligo- and polysaccharides can be carried out on milligram amounts of compound using modern spectroscopic and chemical tools. Through synthetic work, as demonstrated by Lemieux (1978), Paulsen (1982), Ogawa et al. (1984) and others, it is possible to prepare complex oligosaccharides in relatively large amounts. With these compounds it is possible to gain further insight into the understanding of the interaction between carbohydrates and proteins (such as enzymes, antibodies or lectins) (Lemieux, 1982; 1984). However, in order to obtain a better picture of these interactions it is necessary to have information about the preferred conformation of the oligosaccharides in solution. The present paper primarily discusses how a conformational analysis can be carried out using modern instrumentation and computers. Examples of the interpretation of the results in relation to the recognition of oligosaccharides will be discussed in the last part of the paper.


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nuclear magnetic resonance


hard sphere exo- anomeric effect


exo- anomeric effect




nuclear Overhauser effect


Perturbation Configuration Interaction using Localized Orbital.


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