Molecular Specificity of Ganglioside Action on Neurite Regeneration in Cell Cultures of Sensory Neurons

  • Patrick Doherty
  • John G. Dickson
  • Thomas P. Flanigan
  • Frank S. Walsh
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Studies of the antigenic sites recognised by the monoclonal antibody (McAb) A2B5 (Eisenbarth et al., 1979) and on the binding receptors for tetanus toxin (Van Heyningen, 1963; Mirsky et al., 1978) have demonstrated that neurons can express a relatively unique family of higher order gangliosides at their cell surface. The high abundance of gangliosides in nervous tissue (Wiegandt, 1971; Ledeen, 1978) considered together with the qualitative and quantitative changes apparent in the total ganglioside pool during the development of several brain areas (Kasai and Yu, 1983; Hilbig et al., 1984) lends support to the concept that endogenous gangliosides may somehow function in the process of neuritogenesis in the embryo and/or neurite regeneration in the adult. Supportive evidence for such a role comes from the observation that a complex mixture of bovine brain gangliosides can stimulate motor neurone sprouting in vivo (Gorio et al., 1983).


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nerve growth factor


dorsal root ganglia


monoclonal antibody


horse radish peroxidase-conjugated rabbit antimouse Ig


Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium


fetal calf serum


phosphate-buffered saline


horse serum




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  • John G. Dickson
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  • Thomas P. Flanigan
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