Facilitated-Establishment of Contacts and Synapses in Neuronal Cultures: Ganglioside-Mediated Neurite Sprouting and Outgrowth

  • P. E. Spoerri
Part of the FIDIA Research Series book series (FIDIA, volume 6)


Gangliosides are natural components of the neuronal membranes, and their addition to cultures of cells of neural origin, or administration to animal with neurolesions was shown to modulate cell growth and differentiation, nerve regeneration and reinnervation (see the review by Ledeen, 1984).


Superior Cervical Ganglion Straight Arrow Presynaptic Element Mature Synapse Developmental Neuroscience 
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central nervous system


nerve grouth factor


fetal calf serum


γ-aminobutyric acid


eagle’s basal medium


superior cervical ganglion


adenosine 3’, 5’-cyclic monophosphate.


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