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Boeing on the Hook

  • Gerry Byrne


On October 18, 1996, Chairman Jim Hall convened another public NTSB board meeting to approve 14 new Safety Recommendations arising out of Flight 585, Flight 427, Flight 517, and the growing list of 737 rudder incidents. Like most public NTSB meetings, it was well choreographed, the business at hand having been decided in advance. Some of the recommendations had been first drafted as early as February 1995, when Greg Phillips, with Tom Hauteur’s backing, was pushing to have the 737 rudder redesigned. But Hauteur’s boss at the time, Bud Leynor, the deputy director of Aviation Safety, refused to act on the recommendations because the NTSB had no proof the rudder was faulty. Hall refused to countermand Leynor’s decision when Hauteur approached him on the issue.


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