Selective Extraction with Chelates, Macrocycles and Calixarenes

  • D. Max Roundhill
Part of the Modern Inorganic Chemistry book series (MICE)


When choosing a compound for use as an extractant for metal ions several factors must be considered. One is how strongly it binds to the metal, and although this stability constant of the metal complex is not the only factor, it is still an important consideration. Since it is likely that the in situ environment contains complexants such as chloride, nitrate or sulfate ions, possibly at high concentrations, it is necessary that the added extractant is a competitve complexant under such conditions. As a result, extractants are usually not simple monodentate complexants. Multidentate complexants such as chelates have higher metal ion stability constants than do monodentates, mainly because of entropic effects. They are therefore often chosen as extractants.


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