The Role of Physical Modeling in the Mathematical Modeling of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

  • Richard C. Kristof
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The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is an estuary located at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. Its roughly triangular shape is defined by the principal tributary rivers flowing in at two corners of the triangle and out at the third corner towards San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. A map of the Delta is shown in Figure 1. The delta, which includes over 700,000 acres (283,290 hectares) of land interlaced with approximately 700 miles (1130 kilometers) of meandering waterways, originally consisted of swampland covered primarily with tules, willows, and cottonwoods. During the past century, the lands have been reclaimed for agricultural use by the construction of levees to form approximately 50 islands and tracts. In addition to providing water for agricultural purposes, the Delta channels support municipal and industrial demands, commercial navigation, recreation, and provide spawning, nursery and/or habitat areas for a variety of anadromous and freshwater fish.


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