Development of Immobilized Urease for the Owens-Illinois Bun Analyzer

  • M. H. Keyes
  • R. Barabino


The number of methods available to immobilize an enzyme has expanded in recent years until it is difficult to choose which method is best suited for a specific application (1). Yet the requirements of the support for any application as well as the charac-teristics of the enzyme can reduce considerably the number of methods which give satisfactory results. The development of immobilized urease for our BUN analyzer illustrates the process of selecting the optimum method for a specific application. The flow scheme of this analyzer is shown in Fig. 1. The sample of urea is injected with a calibrated microsyringe. After the sample passes through the urease cartridge, the ammonium ions generated are converted to ammonia in the mixer with sodium hydroxide solution. Finally, the ammonia is detected by an ammonia electrode.


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  • M. H. Keyes
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  • R. Barabino
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