The Immobilization of a Stable Esterase by Entrapment, Covalent Binding and Adsorption

  • J. Konecny


The deacetylation of cephalosporin C by B. subtilis (ATCC 6633) has been reported by Nüesch et al (1) several years ago. Since then we have isolated and partially characterized the intracellular esterase from this organism (2), and have immobilized it by several established techniques with a view to the laboratory application of the enzyme and also for the evaluation of the carriers and immobilization techniques. We report here some of the properties of the enzyme, the results of the immobilization studies and some of the properties of the immobilized preparations.


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  • J. Konecny
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  1. 1.Pharmaceutical DivisionCIBA-GEIGY LTD.BaselSwitzerland

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