Descent and Galois Cohomology

  • Dale Husemöller
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Central to the proof of the Mordell theorem is the idea of descent which was present in the criterion for a group to be finitely generated, see 6(1.4). This criterion was based on the existence of a norm which came out of the theory of heights and the finiteness of the index (E(Q) :2E(Q)), or more generally (E(k) : nE(k)). In this chapter we will study the finiteness of these indices from the point of view of Galois cohomology with the hope of obtaining a better hold on the rank of E(Q), see 6(3.3). These indices are orders of the cokernel of multiplication by n and along the same line we consider the cokernel of the isogeny \( E[a,b]\xrightarrow{\varphi }E[ - 2a,\;{a^2} - 4b]\).


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