Production of Hot Dogs

  • Ernest R. Vieira
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Cooked sausage products include hot dogs, bologna, liverwurst, and any other meat product extruded into a casing and cooked. Sodium or potassium nitrite is included in the formulation to stop the growth of Clostridium botulinum. In the process, a virtually oxygen-free atmosphere will be achieved in the finished product and the heat process will not reach temperatures sufficient to kill Cl. botulinum. The nitrite is also reduced in the process to nitric oxide which will combine with myoglobin, the pigment in meat muscle tissue, to form a pinkish color (nitrosomyoglobin). This is discussed in Chapter 14 and a general procedure for production is also shown. In this laboratory, students will produce hot dogs (or bologna loaves) with and without the addition of sodium nitrite.


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