Information Storage Devices in the System of the Measurement and Registration Center

  • A. M. Klabukov
  • I. V. Shtranikh
Part of the The Lebedev Physics Institute Series book series (LPIS, volume 42)


In the measurement and registration center [1] magnetic drum storage is used for the large-capacity main memory. The storage device in this case has 88 tracks and is equipped with 88 heads, which are distributed over opposite sides of the drum. There is one erase head comprising three independent sections. The circumference of the drum is about 1 m, and its speed of rotation is about 25 rps. The recording density can be as high as 3 pulses/mm. The track width is approximately 2 mm. A sequence of 3072 pulses at a frequency of about 80 kc is provided for operation of the computer. We have realized a 3584-pulse sequence, which permits the allocation of 14 digital positions per channel on each track of 256 channels for analyzer applications. The recording of signals on the drum surface is accomplished at two levels with interrecord gaps or return to zero at a timing frequency of approximately 90 kc [2].


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  • I. V. Shtranikh

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