“Position-Weighting” Analog-to-Digital Converters for Pulse Amplitude Analysis

  • A. N. Volkov
  • G. I. Zabiyakin
  • V. G. Tishin
  • I. V. Shtranikh
Part of the The Lebedev Physics Institute Series book series (LPIS, volume 42)


The development of multivariate analysis techniques has necessitated the design of a standard subsystem for the conversion of test pulse amplitudes into discrete digital form suitable for computer processing. The converter must have a channel width error on the order of 10−2 for 100- to 500-channel systems and a response on the order of a few microseconds.


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  • A. N. Volkov
  • G. I. Zabiyakin
  • V. G. Tishin
  • I. V. Shtranikh

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