Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Effects in Minerals

  • Eleonora I. Parkhomenko
Part of the Monographs in Geoscience book series (MOGEO)


Piezoelectric phenomena find wide and varied uses in a number of branches of technology. Piezoelectric crystals are used for frequency stabilization, electromechanical conversion, pressure indicators, and for other purposes. Also, the piezoelectric effect in rocks which contain minerals exhibiting such effects is the basis for the development of a new direct geophysical method for finding quartz veins and pegmatites. The use of piezoelectric phenomena in various areas of science and technology has stimulated the search for new and better piezoelectric materials, both among organic crystals and among minerals.


Piezoelectric Property Piezoelectric Effect Dielectric Permeability Hexagonal System Piezoelectric Modulus 
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