Case Study 1

Finding the Best Location for the Galway Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Martin Rogers
  • Michael Bruen
  • Lucien-Yves Maystre


Galway city is located on the west coast of Ireland. It has a population of approximately 40,000, and at present has no sewage treatment plant, with sewage being directly discharged into Galway Bay. The planned project involves the provision of a sewerage network for Galway city and its suburbs, with a main outfall in the Galway Bay area, where a treatment plant would be located. The environmental study undertaken by Consulting Engineers on behalf of Galway Corporation (McCarthy, 1992) to select the optimum location for a proposed new wastewater treatment plant in Galway City considered five potential sites within the Bay area:
  • Mutton Island (MI)

  • Lough Atalia 1 (shallow outfall) (LA1),

  • Lough Atalia 2 (deep outfall) (LA2),

  • Hare Island (HI) and

  • South Park (SP).


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  • Michael Bruen
  • Lucien-Yves Maystre

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