Introduction to Multicriteria Decision Methods

  • Martin Rogers
  • Michael Bruen
  • Lucien-Yves Maystre


The proper planning of a major engineering system requires a set of procedures to be devised which ensures that available resources are allocated as efficiently as possible in its subsequent design and construction. This involves deciding how the available resources, including manpower, physical materials and finance can best be used to achieve the desired objectives of the project developer. Systems analysis can provide such a framework of procedures in which the fundamental issues of design and management can be addressed (de Neufville and Stafford, 1974). Engineering systems analysis provides an orderly process in which all factors relevant to the design and construction of major engineering projects can be considered. Use of the process has the following direct impacts on the coherent and logical development of such a project:
  • The process forces the developer to make explicit the objectives of the proposed system, together with how these objectives can be measured. This has the effect of heightening the developers awareness of his overall core objectives

  • It provides a framework in which alternative solutions will be readily generated as a means to selecting the most desired one

  • Appropriate methodologies for decision making will be proposed within the process for use in choosing between alternatives.

  • It will predict the major demands which will be placed on the facility under examination through the interaction of the various technical, environmental and social criteria generated by the process. These demands are not always detected in advance.


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  • Michael Bruen
  • Lucien-Yves Maystre

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