Collective Rent Dissipation

  • Shmuel Nitzan


The theory of rent seeking was initiated by Tullock (1967, 1980), followed by Krueger (1974) and Posner (1975) and, more recently, extended in various directions by Allard (1988); Appelbaum and Katz (1986a, b, c); Gradstein and Nitzan (1989); Hillman and Katz (1984, 1987), Hillman and Samet (1987); Hillman and Riley (1989); Katz et al. (1990); Long and Vousden (1987); Ursprung (1990) and Varian (1989). The purpose of this paper is to extend this theory by introducing the possibility of collective-group rent seeking with voluntary individual decisions regarding their extent of participation in the collective rent-seeking efforts.


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