Investigations at SBA-2057

  • Jon M. Erlandson
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About a kilometer north of the modern shoreline, two meanders of Agua Caliente Creek have cut deeply into the adjacent stream terraces, exposing two buried archaeological sites. One of these, SBA-2058, is a sparse scatter of estuarine shell, with a burned rock feature in a 20-cm-thick paleosol. Site SBA-2058 lies beneath up to 7 m of alluvium and has been dated to 6065 it 305 rybp (G. L. Kennedy 1986), or about 6500 ± 305 cal bp (Stuiver, Pearson, and Braziunas 1986). The second site, SBA-2057, is located on the opposite creek bank 100 m to the south, and consists of a thin lens of densely packed shell and other midden debris buried beneath up to 4 m of stratified alluvium (Figure 7-1). Three radiocarbon dates indicate that this shell lens was deposited about 8300 ± 200 cal bp, at roughly the same time that SBA-1807 and SBA-2061 were occupied.


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