Investigations at SBA-2061

  • Jon M. Erlandson
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SBA-2061 is a shell midden located on the narrow coastal plain (Figure 6-1) some 3 km east of SBA-1807 and 1 km west of Cañada de la Gaviota (Figure 2-2). The site was discovered in 1986 after grading cut a 10-m-wide swath through the northern site area, and left spoils covering another 10 m on either side. Examination of grading spoils and a cut bank revealed numerous fragments of estuarine shell associated with a low-density scatter of chipped and ground stone artifacts. During initial examination of the site, similarities in the composition of the shellfish assemblage to that of SBA-1807 led me to suspect that SBA-2061 was also of early Holocene age, an inference later confirmed by radiocarbon dating.


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