By New World standards, the California coast has a relatively long record of both human occupation and archaeological research. In this chapter, I summarize some fundamental trends in the development of archaeology on the California coast, focusing on the Santa Barbara Channel area, and present an overview of the prehistoric cultural sequence for the southern and central California coast. These discussions place the work of earlier investigators in perspective, and provide an evolutionary context for the discussions of early Holocene adaptations that follow. A more detailed review of the evidence for the antiquity of human settlement along the California coast and the nature of early Holocene adaptations is presented in Chapters 9 and 10. For broader discussions of the history of archaeological research along the California coast, the reader can consult Heizer’s (1978) discussion of anthropological research in. California and two recent syntheses of California archaeology (Moratto 1984:120–126; Chartkoff and Chartkoff 1984:347–359).


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