DNA Unwinding: Common Modification Induced by “Bulky Adducts” to DNA Structure

  • A. M. Pedrini
  • S. Tornaletti
  • S. Barabino
  • G. Fronza
  • P. Menichini
  • A. Abbondandolo


It is very well documented that many, perhaps all, mutagens and carcinogens either bind covalently to DNA (chemical agents) or modify its chemistry (physical agents). This interaction is expected to introduce relevant changes, not only in the primary structure of DNA, but also in the conformation of nucleic acid at the site of modification. Since the preservation of the unique three-dimensional structure of the double helix appears to be a prerequisite for its unimpaired biological activity, a detailed description of these conformational changes seems important if we want to understand how repair enzymes can recognize and thereby affect removal of modified sites in DNA (Friedberg, 1985).


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  • S. Tornaletti
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  • S. Barabino
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  • G. Fronza
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  • P. Menichini
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  • A. Abbondandolo
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  2. 2.Istituto Scientifico TumoriGenovaItaly

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