Auxiliary Facts

  • Vladimir V. Andrievskii
  • Hans-Peter Blatt
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The aim of this preliminary chapter is to recall some of the results and general principles of potential theory, geometric function theory, the theory of quasiconformal mappings, and approximation theory. In many cases the statements of theorems and lemmas are supported by proofs if they are not published in monographs or by exact reference to where they can be found. For detailed proofs of all other facts and further discussion we recommend standard introductory texts such as Tsuji [178], Saff and Totik [156] (potential theory), Goluzin [75], Pommerenke [146, 147], Duren [52] (geometric function theory), Ahlfors [3, 4], Lehto and Virtanen [112] (theory of quasiconformal mappings in the plane), Walsh [181], Smirnov and Lebedev [165], Gaier [62], Andrievskii, Belyi, and Dzjadyk [17] (approximation theory in the complex plane).


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