Dependence of the Developing Nervous System on Nutrition and Hormones

  • Marcus Jacobson


A large percentage of children in the “Third World,” and a significant number in the rich industrial countries, are unable to obtain food necessary for normal development, and many pregnant women suffer from malnutrition. It is therefore a question of the highest importance whether fetal or childhood malnutrition retards or otherwise alters neurological development. If so, the types of changes , their causal mechanisms , and the permanence or degrees of reversibility of the lesions are of very great moral and social concern. Ethical values are an important component of this research program. It should have attracted great scientific interest and generous public support, yet relatively little money and effort have been expended to answer important questions about causes, prevention, and treatment of physical and functional neurological damage resulting from fetal and neonatal malnutrition. This is evident from the small number of publications in this field in the past decade compared with the effiorescence of publications from other research programs of no greater scientific importance and of lesser human significance. The pregnant phrase of Brillat-Savarin at the beginning of this section should be written on the door posts of every national legislative assembly.


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