Neuroglial Ontogeny

  • Marcus Jacobson


The original concept of neuroglia meaning “nerve glue” was based on Rudolf Virchow’s assumption that there must be a mesodermal connective tissue element of the nervous system (Virchow, 1846, 1858, 1867). Even if neuroglial cells did not exist Virchow would have had to intent them as a requirement for his theory — as a bold conjecture thrown out for refutation. But techniques were inadequate to either corroborate or refute that conjecture. the mesodermal origin of neuroglial cells continued to receive corroboration (Andriezen, 1893; Weigert, 1895; W. Robertson, 197, 1899, 1900a) in the face of strong conterevidence showing that both neurons and glial cells originate from embryonic ectoderm (His, 1889, 1901).


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